Yoga for the spine

Yoga for the spineYoga correct approach to spine style was influenced by many styles and schools of hatha yoga.

A spine friendly practice that is based on the understanding of spine functions and capabilities will provide stability for the spine, vitality of internal organs, recovery  from any current ailments and promote a healthy body.

The most important function of the spine is to protect that part of the central nervous system that runs inside it namely the spinal cord.

The nervous system is the main apparatus for managing the organism that functions as a very complicated program.  Misuse of the spine can lead to damage of this system that is responsible for the working of all internal organs.

I avoid hyper mobility of musculoskeletal system in classes. One of the purposes of asana practices is the strengthening of muscles responsible for the stability of the spine. These are static long hold asanas and specially designed vinyasas, which assist in strengthening certain segments of the musculoskeletal system in order to optimise potential of physical body. The intervertebral space will be gently increased providing nutrients to flow freely, herniated disks to recover and pinched nerves to be released, sending correct signals in and out of organs, establishing homeostasis  throughout  the whole organism.

What to expect  from my classes:

  1. Improved posture and spine condition
  2. Improvement for any intervertebral issues
  3. Improved functioning of internal organs
  4. Vitalised and activated nervous system
  5. Oxygenated lungs
  6. Toned brain through activating sleeping centres in the brain
  7. Energised and awakened whole body
  8. Cleansed breathing channels
  9. Activating and strengthening of deep spine muscles
  10. Simple exercises to improve blood circulation which you can do at home
  11. Easy cleansing technique for everyday use
  12. Alignment of asanas,  knowledge how to approach asanas with max benefit and without hurting ourselves
  13. Self massage which you can do at home
  14. Knowledge about body & mind connection
  15. Release of blocks in the body
  16. Increased stability of body and mind
  17. Ridding of stagnant energy and creating a space for energy movement
  18. Relaxed body and mind

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