Private classes

Private ClassesThere are many benefits in having a 1 to 1 yoga  class.

The first is the safety aspect.

Once we talk about your body limitations and lifestyle, I design a practice where your specific conditions are addressed.  I normally use several yoga styles and techniques in one class sequence designed specifically to attend to your needs.

This will happen much faster and a deeper integration can occur than in a group class. This is due to personal approach and focus on your specific body/mind requirements.

There is a possibility that whole class is designed to work on few particular muscles or area of your body.

The class is always adapted to your pace.

There is more time and space in regular private classes for holistic approach to your health and wellbeing  than simply asana practice in the group class.  I give specific yogic techniques like cleansing, pranayama (breathing exercises for relaxation, strength, immunity) etc to practice at home between the classes.  After sometime your practice is reviewed according to your progress.

First class is to understand where you are at your practice and build the practice considering your current body/ mind state.

I find out your goals and communicate your needs to balance the practice accordingly.

There is a breath element which are the most important in our balanced state of mind and we learn to integrate in your practice and gradually in your lifestyle.

Alignment teaching is vital part of my teachings. Since the attention is always on you there is no chance you do something wrong. Once you learn alignment there will be no risk of injury in any yoga class.

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