Wild women’s temple: Giving and receiving

Sunday 21 January 15:00 – 18:30

Forest Hill SE23

“I don’t want anything. I exist only to serve others.”

Neem Karoli Baba

Caring and nurturing is a natural gift all women have.

And we all long to give. But how often do we give this gift authentically to our sisters? And how often can we let our protection go and open ourselves to receive?

We will create this space ourselves as authentic as we can for this purpose.

Price: pay what it worth to you. Minimum suggested donation is £10.

Due to prior preparation is required and places are limited this event is on advanced bookings only!

This gathering is hold in private residence, address will be provided after the booking.

What to expect:

– Reflecting in silence, tuning into the Earth rhythms with shamanic drum

– Connect to your gift of giving and open to receive

– Nurturing sisterhood circle

– Prayer to Grandmother Water and Water ceremony

– Meeting new likeminded female friends –finding your tribe!

– Fire ceremony

– Sharing circle: speaking your truth and giving the other gift of silent presence.

In the circle I invite you to take off the mask and connect to the true inside of you. While other sisters will hold the silent presence and embrace whatever comes up. We all can tap into our natural female’s gift of giving: giving presence, love, support. It is only love that can heal.

Nature will cleanse our energy system, recharge and ground us. Wilderness of our souls will lead us back home, to our heart. So we can live our true potential, feeling our purpose, serving this planet, fulfilled. Becoming who we truly are – love in all its expressions.

What you will receive after the gathering:

– Boost of energy: revitalised body and nervous system
– New like minded female friends: feeling of belongingness
– Empower yourself with self knowledge and insights
– Deeper connection with yourself and others
– Uplift your spirit

You are welcome to wear your long skirts, dresses and feel all your feminine power! Bring healthy snacks, fruits to share. Bring your instruments!

The venue is a private residence. The event will be partly indoor, partly outdoor (fire ceremony). It is easily accessible by public transport. The address will be provided after booking.

I’m sorry I can only offer an exchange for the event if you cancel at least 1 day in advance. I can offer a refund only if the weather is severe and inappropriate for the event. Thank you for understanding.


Picture is taken from instagram via @paulaalvayoga