Wild women’s temple: Ancestral healing

Sunday 7 January 15:00 – 18:00

We are gathering to give respect and remember our ancestors.

This gathering is a special time of the year when we can connect to them through Grandfather Fire and special herbs and heal our family constellations.

Price: pay what it worth to you. Minimum suggested donation is £10.

Due to prior preparation is required and places are limited this event is on advanced bookings only!

What to expect:

– Reflecting on nature, tuning into the Earth rhythms with shamanic drum

– Connect to our unexpressed emotions

– Nurturing sisterhood circle

– Honouring Earth and Fire with singing and playing our own instruments

– Meeting new likeminded female friends –finding your tribe!

– Fire ceremony

– Prayer to Earth

– Sharing circle: speaking your truth and giving the other gift of silent presence I will invite you to take off the mask and go beyond the conditioned mind, give space to everything what comes to the surface, feel your emotions fully. Only after feeling it fully we are no longer trapped into the pain/anger/longing etc energy. Like this we are moving this stagnant energy inside by feeling it. And hence we are clearing the past: what was not expressed within our family by expressing it and giving it to the herbs and a Fire to transform. In the circle I invite you to take off the mask and connect to the true inside of you. While other sisters will hold the silent presence and embrace whatever comes up. We all can tap into our natural female’s gift of giving: giving presence, love, support. It is only love that can heal.

You are welcome to wear your long skirts, dresses and feel all your feminine power! Bring healthy snacks, fruits to share. Bring your instruments!

The venue is partly indoor, partly outdoor. It is easily accessible by public transport. The address will be provided after booking.

I’m sorry I can only offer an exchange for the event if you cancel at least 1 day in advance. I can offer a refund only if the weather is severe and inappropriate for the event. Thank you for understanding.


Picture is taken from Tumblr thelittleukranianwell-armedgirl