Samhain Cacao Goddess ceremony

                   Sunday 21 October 15:30-19:30

  Forest Hill

Welcome to your heart and femininity on the cacao journey this Samhain.

Samhain is a turning point when new year actually starts: let’s celebrate it the Feminine way.

Full moon time will amplify connection to our senses and Goddess Cacao.

 Due to prior preparation is required and places are limited this event is on advanced bookings only!

This gathering is hold in private residence, address will be provided after the booking.

What to expect:

  • Cacao ceremony* and yoga nidra
  • Royal Goddess treatment: Feminine practices**
  • Nurturing sisterhood circle
  • Meeting new likeminded female friends –finding your tribe!
  • Sharing circle: speaking your truth

*Shamanic Yoga & Cacao Ceremony is an union of two ancient philosophies, it is a join of two millennial  traditions that integrate humans with nature and cosmos, through the connection with The Four Elements and the Communion of Cacao Medicine.

The experiences are dedicated to Water, Earth, Fire and Air, through the techniques of Ancient Yoga and Shamanic Ancestral practices.

**The exercises are taken from Chameli’s Ardagh “Create your own temple”

These practices are highly experiential and include movement, embodiment of feelings and conscious non sexual touch.

What you will receive after the gathering:

– Boost of energy: revitalised body and nervous system

– New like minded female friends: feeling of belongingness

– Empower yourself with self knowledge and insights

– Deeper connection with yourself and others

– Uplift your spirit

Price: early bird £30

normal rate after 15 October £35

About Jurema:

I am WATER. I am EARTH. I am FIRE. I am AIR. I am NATURE. I am Shakti, the feminine cosmic energy. I am free. I am cabocla, daughter of Tupinamba. I am a warrior of light and love. I am a seeker and healer of myself. I am follower of the Shamanism of the Mother Goddess.

My first contact with Ancient Yoga – matriarchal and tantric – was in England 10 years ago, since then I have practiced, studied and professed this millennial philosophy. At the request of my soul I reconnected with nature and immersed myself in the shamanic teachings and practices in 2014 through Terra Mirim – Shamanic community in Bahia / Brazil, where I went and continue being guided by XamAM Alba Maria in the study and specialization of Shamanic Yoga.

I am in service and my mission is to share my knowledge with humanity, with love and devotion, to rescue the tradition of the Cacao ceremony for the lands of South America and to bring inspiration to all who seek healing and connection with the heart

Heya The Four Elements!

Heya Goddess Cacao!

Hey Shaman!

You are welcome to wear your long skirts, dresses and feel all your feminine power! Bring healthy snacks, fruits to share. Bring your instruments!

The venue is a private residence. It is easily accessible by public transport. The address will be provided after booking.

I’m sorry I can only offer an exchange for the event if you cancel at least 1 day in advance. Thank you for understanding.

picture is taken from Pinterest by The Sangha way