Sacred moon sisterhood workshop

Sacred moon sisterhood workshop

20 November Sunday

14:00 – 18:00

Early bird £30 (until 10 November), £40 (after 10 November)

“This bowl of Tea, being a mirror of the sacred vessel, carries life and nourishment akin to the womb, and as it is raised to my lips, a softening occurs. My body is nourished with warmth and comfort, which allows me to soften my thoughts and travel that short yet long eighteen-inch journey into my heart space.” – Tien Wu

How often we do forget about our true power such as being woman nowadays. What does it mean to us to be the one? Is it explicit sexual desire, “can do” attitude or indescribable kindness? It means anything to a modern woman, but just not her natural  connection to the Source, her resolution to be loyal to herself, to feel freely, express her emotions and desires, state clear intentions. So let us leave conditioning behind, empower sacred feminine and awaken inner Goddess within each of us. We will create a safe and nurturing environment where we can feel presence of every woman, feeling togetherness, female bonding. Let us feel our power, union and spiritual maturity. What we create inside will be ultimately manifested outside.  This practice will unite not only women in the workshop, we will bring it out anywhere we go:  to our daily routine, to shops, streets and homes. We will be spreading a meaning of sisterhood.  Yin element as surrender, flexibility and creativity to balance yang which is currently dominating the world.

This workshop devoted to empowering sacred feminine and awakening inner Goddess.

We will rediscover trust and authentic sisterhood reconnection through series of exercises and a sharing circle;

Take part in the beautiful and mysterious ritual of Tea Ceremony, which will create a very deep connection to ourselves, others and nature. When we drink tea in a sacred ceremonial space in silence we connect to our own intuitive wisdom and are able to be honest about what no longer serves us and needs to be let go, and what needs to be invited into our lives. By sharing Tea in a circle we are able to connect to other sisters on a much deeper level and really see each other. Connection to nature also happens because Tea is Mother Nature itself – tea leaves were trees before, and water was part of the clouds in the sky. Tea is also essentially Feminine, it is definitely Her – she is a powerful, strong, but kind woman. She can lift us up, she can ground us, she takes us straight into our hearts, facilitating our awakening to Divine Feminine.

Cleanse and establish ancient womb wisdom connection by practicing womb yoga;

Create powerful and spacious vehicle on which prana sakti can enter the body by means of yogic breathing exercises;

Body work focusing on releasing blocks in the body and moving dormant energies.  Practice surrendering and acceptance while doing very gentle Yin yoga;

Restore body, senses and mind to their natural function. Recognising and manifesting sacred feminine during yoga nidra.

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