Marathon for women: going through fears together

2 January – 12 January


Purpose:  Transforming fear through consciousness

What it will give you:

  • Tools how to dissolve fears: theory and practice
  • Plan of actions and support of your steps
  • Deep and intimate connections, authentic sharings with women who are going through the same
  • Experience of going through fear consciously
  • How to trust yourself and the world
  • Recognition of self sabotage and how it works for you

What it doesn’t give you:

  • Enlightenment or awakening
  • Ridding of all your fears within the time of the marathon


  • Working in closed group
  • Support your work with theory throughout the marathon: handpicked lectures from enlightened masters on how fears work
  • Choose a fear you want to work on
  • Creating plan of actions together
  • Taking actions
  • Homework
  • 4 online meetings with the group to share and discuss your experience
  • 24/7 group chat: ask the group
  • Personal chat

About me: I started exploring consciously my fears from Primal therapy workshop back in 2012 an since than the world has changed for me. I was introduced to consciousness and  the inner world where everything is happening and the reflection of it in the outer world. Silent retreats afterwards and a deep inner work with the enlightened Master has brought more deepness and lit light on many fears on mine. The work of uncovering layers of ego is happening every day for me. I would like to share these experiences and knowledge from my Guru with women who are  interested in it.

Who is it for? Women who are ready to go though their fears and need support and deep connection with likeminded women.

Price: Exchange of the products/ services. It would be great to exchange my experience and knowledge with what you are passionate about, it could be massage, eco products you make, etc.

Registration: Please email me here: about yourself briefly and what you want from the marathon, your exchange.