Full moon temple: practicing surrender

Sunday 14 July 16:00-19:00

Frome Somerset

We are about simplicity of life;

Coming back to Mother Nature;

Respectful feminine touch;


What to expect:

  • Deep feminine practices on surrender
  • Nurturing sisterhood circle
  • Meeting likeminded female friends
  • Sharing circle

This is a warm invitation to dive into earthy divinity of women’s temple. We will fall into silence of our hearts and create together temple of sisterhood and deep connection. We will practice of how to let go and simply be.

Our practices are highly experiential and include movement, non sexual conscious respectful touch, self expression. They are rooted into embodiment of feelings. Our boundaries are set and respected. 

Natural feminine touch is healing on so many levels. Simply by surrendering to other women’s touch we can see profound miracles of transformation. Conscious touch is a channel to bring us back to our deep presence, peace, beauty, joy and God. In this workshop we will rediscover our abilities to heal ourselves. 

As women we don’t need a reason to laugh, to cry, to enjoy, to being happy or sad. We are unpredictable, spontaneous by nature. So let our nature to bring us back to the wisdom we always have. Welcoming all our feelings and not diving them into positive and negative is a key to wholeness and love. Celebrating our humanly part of being is a part of the workshop. 

As river full of life flows so our feelings and sensations. laughter, tears, roars of sacred anger are more than welcome here. How ecstatic this is to just let ourselves is just to be?!  

*The exercises are taken from Chameli’s Ardagh “Create your own temple”

What you can receive after the gathering:

– Boost of energy: revitalised body and nervous system

– New like minded female friends: feeling of belongingness

– Empower yourself with self knowledge and insights

– Deeper connection with yourself and others

– Uplift your spirit

Price: donation.

Location: Private residence, address will be provided after the booking. Please book your place by emailing me: liudayogini@gmail.com

Due to prior preparation is required and places are limited this event is on advanced bookings only!

You are welcome to wear your long skirts, dresses and feel all your feminine power! Bring healthy snacks, fruits to share.