Full moon ceremony on the beach

Friday  27 July 20:00-22:00

Brighton BN2

“The moon is the reflection of your heart and moonlight is the twinkle of your love”.  

Debasish Mridha

We will celebrate blood moon – lunar eclipse and

Guru Purnima – tradition of honouring our spiritual teachers;

It is an invitation to deeply connect to our hearts and sisterhood;

Slow down and enjoy presence;

What to expect:

  • Sharing circle;
  • Creating together new vision and letting go of old;
  • Honouring our spiritual teachers and guides;
  • Creative free movement-dance;

What you will receive after the gathering:

  • Boost of energy: revitalised body and nervous system
  • Grounding, calm and clear mind
  • New like minded female friends: feeling of belongingness
  • Empower yourself with self knowledge and insights
  • Deeper connection with yourself and others
  • Uplift your spirit

You are welcome to wear your long skirts, dresses and feel all your feminine power!


Brighton BN2 on the beach (near marina).

The exact location will be sent by email two days before the event.

What to bring

Your spiritual teacher’s* picture

Beautiful stones, leaves, art work for  the altar

Swim wear (if you want to have a dip)

Warm clothes

Bottle of water for you to drink

*spiritual teacher could be your parent, partner, friend, or your inner guide or many teachers. There is no requirement to have a Guru.

Testimonials from past wild women’s circles:


I really enjoyed my time with you and the group yesterday. It was well led, a good mixture of activities. I found it helpful that you insisted on being accepting of each other, and caring and supportive. I found everyone played a great part in this and took it seriously and was able to have fun too when it was time for that.


I want to thank you so much for the beautiful sister circle. It is truly inspiring to connect with you and so many other women. The practice of human connection is in a deficit and I believe your work on bringing back human connection is very powerful and healing not only to us sisters taking part, but to the very vibrations of the world. I am very touched by our connection. I can’t stop thinking about it!


I loved the event. I particularly loved the fire ceremony, and your softness and nurturing qualities. I also loved how your essence encouraged each of the women to participate wholeheartedly for the benefit of all. It really struck me how generative and collaborative the whole experience was and how by being fully present for and becoming a vessel of healing for others we are also able to heal ourselves.


Thank you very much for the great experience. I felt very safe, relaxed and accepted in the environment you have created. I still feel the positive effects. My faith in the Universe came back. The whole experience helped me to find my way back to my feminine power, to my roots.


I absolutely loved the temple! It was a very good experience with amazing, lovely, beautiful women and a wonderful place to be. The fire ceremony was very intense and things are still coming up. I am healing my body, mind and restoring my femininity and spirituality and this definitely helps me loads.


Main picture is taken from instagram @hheininge @rosyrebekah @ilukamusic