Who am I?

Who am I? – I keep asking myself this question.

I already saw my emotions rushing and subsiding, like waves of the sea. I saw my wounds and their guardians – my fears. They come to the surface for me to see them and pass away. They all have enormous amount of energy  which sustains them and look so real to me sometimes. And though they seem so real in one moment, the other moment comes and they go away.  Leaving a space.  And a question arises again and again: who am I? Where is true me?

And I cant see an answer, I cant get hold of this… simply, cant identify it. I cant touch it, cant see it, cant feel it. What is it, this space of nothing? Unidentifiable nothingness…

And yet it is that space where I get renewed, its where I long to go back. This is the place where all my searching in my life leading me to. It seems all my challenges and my desires, my triumphs and failures point me to only one thing, this space inside me.

Love it?

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