Sun in scorpio

There is wisdom in everything where I look: leaves change colour and fall to be transformed into other substance, Sun changing its position to Earth – season changes, day changes night.

Sun is in scorpio, moon is coming to full and I see its effects on me: a firm grip of ego, my strong desire to prove myself in all expressions of life. And sudden denial of a discount for a course plunged me to a core of my not worthiness issue. Deep wound came to the surface and the world is against me feeling is activated. I tried to locate and feel it in my body. It felt like a horizontal line of pain across the chest. Once I put my focus there, I felt even worse. Feeling really down and immediate desire to change it, to jump out of it. I couldn’t stay till the end in this feeling, but it was a good try.

After a day spend in the park the feeling subsided, I have a break from the not worthiness. The process is process J….



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