Looking for stillness…

I noticed when there are numerous events happening at the same time I become very energetic, enthusiastic and unsettled. I tend to take responsibility (even when its not required) and do even more (often when its not needed) just like now. My mind overwhelmed with new ideas and it reflected upon my energy system. I feel restless and that is when I know I have to come back to my centre. I noticed from my experience when I am in rush to do things and even when a lot of things done, it doesn’t always mean to have good results. In other words the proportion between my actions and the result is very small! With years go on, I tried to do it differently, I take things easy, don’t rush and don’t do too much, relax more and try feel the pull. If I feel pull to do something, I do it. And now, I see it works. The less I actually do and let myself come back to stillness, the more the result! Sometimes it even comes without any effort. Though I still have to take some effort and come back to STILLNESS inside me J oh, and of course FEEL the fear of failure during the times of not getting things right or as they appear not to be right J

But the stillness inside never fails, it is always there and its my choice to come back to it.

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