How to have a clear mind?

How many times do we hear that meditation leads to clarity of mind, cleanses energy channels, supports health and wellbeing? And yet the issue is simple: we simply can’t stay still.

When I joined a meditation group for the first time my mind was like a wild monkey in a jungle of my worries and upsets. It was a time when I was overwhelmed by emotions: I was going through the consequences of the painful break up of a relationship.

When we are in a stressful situation our mind is extremely agitated from emotional trauma. The habit of taking attention away from the actual pain becomes activated. And as a result we cant concentrate on anything, stay still and meditate.

I was blessed to be introduced to a dynamic (active) mediation which was created many years ago by Osho.  The second part of this mediation is catharsis, where you literally throw out everything that needs to be out.  I mean emotions which are normally suppressed by our conditioned mind.

Our emotions as everything else is energy, vibrating at different frequencies.  Our body contains our emotions. Once stuck emotions are expressed, released, the space (in the body& hence in our energy system) becomes free. It gives us a feeling of freedom. Naturally our body, mind and whole system raises its energy vibration. It becomes so much easier to observe and concentrate.

Since I am very sensitive and normally have a lot of emotions this practice works miracles for me.

When there is no opportunity to attend a dynamic meditation group, you can do catharsis by yourself.

Pick a time during the day which you can take for yourself. Once you withdraw from your duties, sit by yourself and let feelings come. Our job is to let them be: crying, screaming, beating cushions… Let yourself to be wild, be free in expressing them, feel the energy of this particular emotion. Listen to your body! What does it want to do? Swear? Roar like lion? Shake? Don’t analyse, don’t judge in this moment, just trust your body to do the job – let it express what it needs to express in order to heal.

Once your body has expressed itself it will become quiet.  You will feel the switch in energy, in your body and mind.

I still do dynamic meditation from time to time and feel its immediate effects on me. And I take my time to express emotions by myself.

This simple technique starts a process of cleansing and transformation of deep wounds. It is leading to a more alert mind, awareness and clarity. But what is more profound, by giving ourselves a chance to inhabit fully our body and feelings we align ourselves with our human nature, hence empowering the connection between us and supreme intelligence which has an infinite capacity for healing mind, body and spirit.




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