BEAUTY. Who defines it?

Do the standards of society determine beauty? Or a glamorous magazines?

I see a beauty in a spring leaf, in the bark of a tree, even in rubbish on the streets of Rishikesh.  So where  does beauty appear from…  it is the place inside me.

Is it a feeling  and it has nothing to do with an outside appearance judged by the standards.  The feeling of beauty is easily available to me when I am at ease and in peace. And the deeper my peace, the deeper the feeling of beauty. Suddenly I see so many dimensions of beauty. The world  turns into vibrant multidimensional miracle. Once I am in a state of feeling beauty – it overflows me. I see it in everything and in everyone.

This feeling sometimes a barometer for me. When I don’t feel beauty or even sometimes I don’t remember how it feels. I know I was not in peace for a while.

The arithmetic is simple: silence and peace inside me just vibrates the same frequency in the outside world. It is peace vibration feels and appears as beauty.


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