What does an authenticity mean to you? It means simply effortlessness to me.  This state of existence where simplicity of being is not clouded by any fear.  Once there is no fear,  there is no need to wear a mask or desire to be anything.  In that state all our actions are taken out of presence and spontaneity. Ego loosens its grip and Consciousness is making life through us. There is no more you or me there, its only Wisdom leads the orchestra: Life.

Our work is just allow to let go of the control and never ending wanting. It is so easy and at the same time so difficult just let life be, let yourself just be.

I am not often in this state, but when I am, I see how my energy supply increases significantly. My mind acquires quality of transparent clarity. Questions replaced by knowledge and wisdom. Whatever needs to be released – releases. The tears which need to be shed – shedding. My choices come from heart and my true path becomes so clear and easy.

It all happens within the work of the divine.


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