About me


I have been fascinated about how this Universe works since my early childhood. The questions: who I am and why I am here were in my very cells. My motivation is deeply rooted in being able to answer these questions.

As soon as I learnt to walk my parents would often find me miles away from home. As I grew older I discovered my path to be the way of a traveller.  I settled in London after leaving home in Moscow at 24 years old.

Being disappointed within a financial sector I embarked on a journey back to myself. I call this period of my life the cutting of ties. I started in 2012 with a deep psycho spiritual workshop followed by trips to an ashram in Bali. I am walking the path of transformation and doing my daily sadhana (spiritual practice).

And I am still a traveler!  India now is one of my spiritual masters, a land of accelerated spiritual growth.


I learn on my path from each one of you, so my classes are mutually transformative.

Unmeasured stillness inside me which I discovered is my treasure and home.

I learn from:


My guru – Prem Baba and his teachings “Path of the heart”, ABC of spirituality.

Rishikesh Yog peeth, Roshan Singh

Primal therapy with Puja Lepp

Shaman Alba Maria and tribe Terra Mirim


5 rhythms

Shaking meditation with Ratu Bagus

Osho meditations



500 hours Hatha Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh Yog peeth, India. Yoga Alliance certified.

Vajra yoga correct approach to spine teacher training course by International Federation of Vajra Yoga

Other studies:

Triyoga Supporting injured students: a workshop for teachers with Andrew McGonigle